Free Time Card Calculator & Timesheet

Easily add time, overtime, notes and even lunch breaks to calculate your hours.
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Free Time Card Calculator & Timesheet

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1. Add Time Card Details

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How To Use The Free Timecard

Step 1

Enter Pay Rate Details

Fill in your full name, choose a date range from the drop-down menu, and enter your base hourly pay rate.

If you receive overtime pay after working a set number of hours, enter the overtime pay rate and the hour at which the new rate begins.

Step 2

Enter Time & Calculate 

Enter your start time and end time for each day, along with break deductions and any relevant notes.

Prio will auto-deduct break time from your total hours worked.

Step 3

Export Your Time Card

Download a PDF
To save a digital copy of your time card, click print and select Save as PDF from the drop-down printer menu. Email report to your payroll department or save for your own payroll records.

Export as a CSV file
To import timecard data into a spreads

Timecard FAQs

How Can a Time Clock Calculator Benefit You?

From keeping track of employee attendance to recording the amount of time you spend working on a freelance project, online time card calculators can be one of your most valuable online business tools. Calculate billable rates per hour and efficiently generate reports for clients or employers with the click of a button. Prio also makes it easy to track team productivity in remote working environments.

How Do You Calculate Time Card Hours?

Calculating time worked can be as basic as the old school pen-and-paper method, as time-consuming as creating a complex Excel spreadsheet, or—thanks to Prio—as efficient as entering your start and end times into a free online time card calculator.

Once you enter start and end times in the Prio time card calculator with lunch or other break deductions, your total daily and weekly work hours will automatically populate. No calculator required. Why not let Prio do the math for you?

Who is the Prio Time Card Designed For?

Digital time cards are helpful for freelancers and employers alike. Even if you’re self-employed and not technically an employee, tracking your time is essential for accurate client invoicing. Remote employees will find timesheet calculators invaluable for submitting work hours to payroll at the end of the week.

Perfect For:

Freelance workers
Remote employees
Independent contractors
Computer programmers
Web designers
Graphic designers
Content writers
Housekeepers ...and more!

What is a Time Card?

A time card is a way to keep track of your working day's beginning and end times. Depending upon your employer, you might manually fill in a weekly timesheet or use a time clock stamp to record your arrival and departure times.
To track hours worked, employees start by filling in their time cards with the starting and ending times for that day. Employees also need to make sure they account for a lunch break deduction and any overtime worked.
Time cards are submitted to employers, usually weekly or bi-weekly, to keep track of total hours worked for payroll and invoicing purposes. Freelancers might also use timesheets to capture time worked on various projects to bill clients for their services.

How Does a Time Card Calculator Help Calculate Overtime Hours?

Prio’s time sheet calculator clearly shows how many overtime hours are worked in a given time period, as noted at the end of each day and calculated as a total for the week. Time cards generated by a time card calculator automatically capture hours worked at regular and overtime
pay rates.

Overtime pay can make a big difference when payday rolls around! As an employer, using an overtime calculator means you can allow Prio to do the work for you—no more calculating hours at two different rates or subtracting breaks. And employees can rest assured knowing they're getting
paid fairly.