Prio Boosts Your Profits up to 30%

If you think that claim was wild, we’ll tell you what’s wilder: How much you’re spending on credit card processing fees. 3% fees at a 10% profit margin…that’s 30% of your profit.
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Make processing fees disappear

We make bank-to-bank transfers easier than a credit card swipe - and seamlessly pass on fees to customers who pay by card. Your customers pay in one tap, and your fees drop to zero, letting you pocket that 30% instead of handing it to a middleman.
A graphic of 2 users and prompts for a user to easily send and receive money between them.

Technology designed to get you paid

A list of users and amounts, symbolizing auto payments to Prio users


Your customers can “set it and forget it” instead of just forgetting it.
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Recurring Pay

Keeps up with changing invoice amounts while auto-billing on a regular schedule.
A text thread alerting a user they have received an invoice and prompting them to easily pay it through a link


The easiest way to send and receive payments: your customers can pay with one text.
A QR code, symbolizing the ability to scan a code for easy payments


Set the amount and generate a QR code in a click. No waiting for you or your client.

Prio works with whatever you’ve got going on

Don’t change your current system or processor - Prio integrates with any business. You can use Prio alongside your current system to save thousands.

Start with your regulars, then roll it out everyone. Or roll it out just to your VIPs. Yes, it works with Quickbooks.
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