Automated Invoicing for Freelancers and Teams

Prio facilitates an advanced time tracking and invoicing process, delivering  analytics and systems that protect profitability in a services business.
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Keep Track

Team Time Tracking

Prio makes it easy to organize time entries by category, project and client. View analytics and see what has been invoiced. Workers can have multiple rates per project, and rate changes can be scheduled. See inline cost and income values by the week.

Time tracking tool: Easily organize time entries with Prio
Invoicing tool: Schedule automated invoices, easily adjust & mail with Prio

Get Paid

Automatic Invoicing

Predefine the invoicing process for each worker and client, so invoices are prepared on a schedule ready for your adjustments and approval. Clients receive access to a branded analytics dashboard, with the opportunity to approve and pay quickly.

Custom by Design

Combine the collection of features that your team needs into the perfect app for your workflow, without unnecesary clutter costing space and money.


Manage your team of workers, whether they are in the office or across the world. Our suite of features brings clarity to your communication and gives deep insight into what work is being done.

Manage Workers

Set Limits

Bill Clients

Share Documents

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$84 billed yearly

Get access to all your raw data in lists and charts, with the ability to run bulk actions, export to other services and create dashboard with your most important data.

Advanced Charting


Bulk Actions


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$36 billed yearly
Team Only

Plan the week in advance, to know when your team’s working hours overlap, with time zones clearly visible. Schedule meetings and vacations all in one place.

Plan Hours

Set Vacations

Schedule Meetings

Manage Timezones

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$24 billed yearly

Included with Prio


Take all of your time tracking and project data, and send it in a professional way to your clients. Invoices are auto-generated at a frequency you set for quick approval.

Track Payment

Look Professional


Calculate Profit

Time Tracking

Start and stop an accessible timer, or retroactively add time to a task. See your hourly totals for the day and week, and use this data throughout the app.

Instant Timer

Assign to Projects

Easy Recording


Project Management

Manage tasks, projects and clients in a way that integrates with your time tracking and gives insight into where you spend your effort.

Organize Projects

Assign to Clients

Specify Tasks

See Analytics

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Our processes matured years the day we started with Prio. Absolutely recommend to anyone with teammates working from home!
Derek Abram
Founder, CEO