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Step 1

Enter Invoice Details

Select the currency you want (USD for U.S. dollar), invoice number, work completion date, and the invoice date. Finish with your desired net terms (net 30 if you want the invoice to be due in 30 days or adjust as necessary). 

Step 2

Enter Sender Info

Drag-and-drop or upload your logo into the logo field. Follow up with your name, company name, email, phone number, website URL, and mailing address.

Step 3

Add Billing Line Items

The final step is to add a description of the work completed and your desired rate of pay. This is where you can enter project details from our free time tracker.

For Example:
Web Design      12 Hours           $75
Copywriting     1500 Words     $0.34

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Just fill in the customizable
fields, drag-and-drop your logo,
and click to finish. We'll even do
the math for you!

Free Invoice Builder
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How Do I Send An Invoice To My Client?

To send your online invoice, select either the print button to print and mail or select the export (PDF) button. A PDF of your invoice will be instantly generated for you, which you can then download and email or text to your client.

Can I Add My Business Logo To The Invoice Template?

Absolutely! Give your invoice a professional look by dragging and dropping or uploading a JPG or PNG file of your business logo into the logo field. Your logo will then appear on the print or PDF version of your invoice.

Can I Edit My Invoices?

If you create your online invoice and then realize you need to make a change, simply return to the field you need to edit, make your change, and select print or export to re-create the invoice. The free version of our invoice generator doesn’t save invoices, so if you’ve deleted the invoice fields, you’ll need to re-enter your information and generate a new invoice.

How Do I Receive Payments?

We recommend adding your preferred payment method to the notes section of your invoice. Whether you prefer PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Square Cash, or another online payment method, provide clear instructions to your client by adding one or more payment options in the notes field. If you’re sending your invoice via email or text, you can also include a payment link to make the process smooth for your customer.  

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Free Invoices I Can Generate?

While some online invoice makers will pull you in by offering free services, you’ll soon find that they want you to pay after creating your first few invoices. With Prio’s free invoice generator, you can create and send unlimited customized invoices at no cost—ever! After all, our mission is to save you time and money.

Why Use An Online Invoice Generator?

Getting paid for your work shouldn’t be a hassle! Using Prio’s free invoice maker not only saves you time and money. We also save you from the frustration that complicated invoice templates can often cause. 

Why Use Prio’s Online Invoice Generator?

For small business owners, contractors, freelancers, and side hustlers needing a simple, professional invoice maker, Prio has got you covered. Here’s how:

Invoice for any product or service, including your time

Quickly bill your clients from anywhere, using any device

Easily create a PDF invoice to email or print and send

Create professional-looking invoices in just a few minutes

Reduce time and stress—billing customers is quick and easy!

Deliver an invoice that’s as professional as you are