Client-Focused Invoicing and Payments for teams

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Avoid Credit Card Fees
Time Tracking
Team Management
auto Invoicing
Client Dashboard
Avoid Credit Card Fees
Time Tracking
Team Management
auto Invoicing
Client Dashboard
Avoid Credit Card Fees
Time Tracking
Team Management
auto Invoicing
Client Dashboard

Did they lose your invoice?

It’s not enough to send your invoice as a PDF to get lost in your client’s inbox with a thousand other unread messages.

Easily Find Old
or Unpaid Invoices

When your client attempts to pay your invoice weeks after receiving it how do they find it? What if you sent a revision?

Client View
Prio invoices client view

Say goodbye to credit card fees 👋

Prio makes bank-to-bank transfers easier and faster than a credit card swipe. After an easy 60 second initial setup, your clients can pay with a single tap.

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1% max $6

Per transaction

3% + $1 for Credit Cards

Workers and Vendors and Clients, Oh My!

We keep your relationships organized, making sure everyone gets paid on time. It’s a plug and play HR Department.

See everyone’s tracked time in one place

An intuitive time tracker that harvests your workers’ time and displays it for your managers. See detailed information on when they worked and where that time was spent!

Easy Vendor Payments

How does it feel to be the client now? We give you the same treatment your clients get with a clear dashboard for managing your vendors.

Preset Invoicing Schedules for your Clients

Who gets paid what when? Establish a billing schedule during setup, and watch the automated invoicing prompts show up. Invoice your clients with a couple clicks!

Share Project Insights

What’s a team without middle-management? Project managers get access to their team’s work so they can make sure the dollars are well spent.

Two workers

Did Someone Say

Do you provide staffing services?
We manage time tracking, invoicing and payments through a complex supply chain, even when there are multiple subcontracting teams involved.

Two workers in an officeTwo workers standing next to each other. One throwing papers in the air.


The best part of our jobs is the people we meet, and it means the world when our customer share how we’ve improved their lives. If Prio has made a difference in yours, please let us know!

“We adopted Prio and it has brought a lot of efficiency and simplicity to our team's time-management and invoicing process.”
Dan Langenburg
Dan Langenberg
Director of Operations
"Easy setup. Easy integration to the payment processor and our bank account. If you need a comprehensive invoicing solution without setup barriers, this is it."
Bill Scott
Finance Strategist
Two workers in an office

Bringing the team?

$7/mo - per worker

Give your team access to the data and actions they need to take. Project managers can track their team’s time, accounting can approve invoices and HR can manage worker contracts.

We haven’t forgotten
your other tools

Track time to tasks in another app, and upload your data into our tools. Data in, data out!

ClickUp logo
Automatically load your ClickUp tasks into Prio so you can track time spent on each!
Jira logo
Pull Jira issues into Prio to track time, and then sync that time back into Jira!
Quickbooks logo
Automatically upload your invoices to QuickBooks to loop in the finance gurus!