Time Tracking for Remote Teams

Prio facilitates the full life-cycle of billable hours from data entry to payments, with detailed analytics and managed restrictions.

How To

Manage your Team's Time

If you provide services for an hourly rate, protecting the lifecycle of those hours is crucial to maintaining a predictable margin. Prio provides the tools you need to manage schedules, see where time was spent, analyze profitability,  bill your clients and more.

Step 1

Invite Workers

1. Enter Worker Information
This includes the worker's email, engagement type, role, rates, limits and access.
2. Send Invitation
Workers receive an email that walks them through the app and how to enter their information and hours.
3. Add them to a Project
Each worker will save time to a project. You can set unique paid and billable rates for each worker and project.
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Step 2

Worker Enters Time

1. Add a Task or Project to the Week
Time can be recorded straight to a project, or with a task description. Switch between Day and Week view.
2. Start a Timer or Enter Time Manually
The play button starts a timer for that project/task, and the input field let's you edit the value directly.
3. Organize by Role
A worker can have different rates on a project under different roles. Select the role in the task form to choose.
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Step 3

Analyze and Invoice

1. View Cost and Income
Each worker, project and client has unique analytics that tell you exactly where you are making money.
2. Export Reports
Get full access to all of your data to download, bulk edit and export it to other services.
3. Send And Pay Invoices
Contractors will send you an invoice on the schedule you set. You can invoice Clients for this time at a higher rate.
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What's New?

Business workflows are all about data management. Prio combines quick and accurate data entry with intelligent actions you can customize and approve.

1099 Compliance
Maintain proper legal separation from contractors
Client Dashboard
Give your clients a central place to see invoice analytics and pay
Save time and stay predictable with preset workflows
Remote Schedules
Plan office hours with workers around the globe
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Custom by Design

Combine the collection of features that your team needs into the perfect app for your workflow, without unnecesary clutter costing space and money.
Time Tracking
Start and stop an accessible timer, or retroactively add time to a task. See your hourly totals for the day and week, and use this data throughout the app.
Instant Timer
Assign to Projects
Easy Recording
Project Management
Manage tasks, projects and clients in a way that integrates with your time tracking and gives insight into where you spend your effort.
Organize Projects
Assign to Clients
Specify Tasks
See Analytics
Take all of your time tracking and project data, and send it in a professional way to your clients. Invoices are auto-generated at a frequency you set for quick approval.
Track Payments
Look Professional
Calculate Profit
Includes Invoicing
Manage your team of workers, whether they are in the office or across the world. Our suite of features brings clarity to your communication and gives insight into what work is being done.
Manage Workers
Set Limits
Bill Clients
Share Documents
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per user
Team Only
Plan the week in advance, to know when your team’s working hours overlap, with time zones clearly visible. Schedule meetings and vacations all in one place.
Plan Hours
Set Vacations
Schedule Meetings
Manage Timezones
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